7100 Classic Series - Off Road Recreation and Racing

7100 Classic Series

The BILSTEIN 7100 Classic Series are the most successful shock absorbers in off-road racing history. Since their inception in the early 70's, 6100 Series have equipped more winning off-road cars and trucks than any other shock. Today, the 7100 Classic Series are perfect for meeting the demands of off-road recreational vehicles such as forerunner trucks, Baja Bugs, rockcrawlers and sandbuggies.

Features and Benefits:

  • Monotube gas pressure construction
  • Threaded Body Lengths to 10" Travel
  • Self-Adjusting Deflecting Disc Valving
  • 2" Diameter Shock Body
  • High-Flow Piston Reduces Harshness
  • Factory Rebuildable
  • Spherical bearing end loops, which accept 1/2" and 12mm mounting bolts.
  • Available for standard and coilover applications, this series is primarily designed for vehicles with modified shock mounts and Type I VW suspension.




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