The BILSTEIN B16 (ridecontrol®) system now has an exciting new feature: the BILSTEIN B16 (iRC) – a smart phone adjustable suspension system.

The B16 (iRC) system allows your suspension to adapt to any type of driving situation automatically. When set to Auto Mode, the three-axis acceleration sensor reads vehicle speed and adjusts suspension damping in real time. From bumpy uneven roads to smooth high speed cornering, the B16 (iRC) system will deliver the best in comfort and performance.

In addition to two fixed modes from BILSTEIN (Comfort+ and Sport+), this new system allows users to create, save and share their own custom damping settings via a smartphone. In Auto mode, three adjustable settings become available (Comfort, Normal and Sport). Each one can be custom tuned to the users individual demands.

Features and Benefits:

  • Preset auto damping modes (Comfort, Normal and Sport) detect acceleration thresholds, cornering forces and vibrations to give the driver the highest level of suspension performance. Each auto damping mode can be customized beyond preset settings.
  • Custom suspension settings can be saved and quickly activated as needed
  • Custom suspension settings can be shared with friends
  • Graphic output of the longitudinal and lateral acceleration on the smart phone
  • Real-time adjustment while driving is possible
  • Select the illumination color of the RC button
  • User-friendly design and functionality
  • B16 (iRC) App available for iPhone and Android



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