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NEW: BILSTEIN B16 iRC - Smartphone Adjustable Suspension!

Announcing the New BILSTEIN B16 iRC System with Smartphone Adjustable Active Suspension Control

BILSTEIN, the leader in monotube gas pressure shock absorbers, is proud to announce an exciting new product that has revolutionized the suspension marketplace. The BILSTEIN iRC works with BILSTEIN’s B16 Ridecontrol® kit and combines the unique monotube technology of the BILSTEIN B16 Ridecontrol® kit with an innovative smartphone app that provides complete control of the suspension system from the driver’s seat.

Now available for iPhone, and coming soon to Android, the BILSTEIN iRC app allows users to choose between one of three preset factory modes (comfort, normal and sport) which can be customized. Adjustments can be made in real time to accommodate any driving style, changing road conditions or passenger requirements. Custom settings can be created, saved and shared with friends using the highly functional and user-friendly design. Features of the BILSTEIN iRC app include a graphic display that illustrates longitudinal and lateral acceleration along with the ability to precisely adjust acceleration thresholds, switching times and filter parameters when creating custom settings.

The new BILSTEIN iRC system also allows the suspension to adapt to any type of driving situation automatically. When set to “auto mode”, the three-axis acceleration sensor reads the vehicle speed and adjusts suspension damping in real time. From bumpy uneven roads to smooth high speed cornering, the iRC system delivers optimum handling performance and comfort.

“Since we introduced the first monotube gas pressure shock in 1957, BILSTEIN has maintained an innovative approach to shock technology,” said Steven Beaty, Aftermarket and Motorsport President of BILSTEIN. “The new iRC system is testimony to that fact. Our customers can look forward to new developments in the future while they enjoy the best on the market today!”

Features of the BILSTEIN iRC smartphone app include:
•    Real-time suspension adjustments from the driver’s seat
•    User friendly design and functionality
•    Custom suspension settings can be saved, shared and activated instantly on the fly
•    Preset factory settings provide options in comfort, normal and sport modes
•    Graphic output of longitudinal and lateral acceleration on smartphone
•    iRC app available now for iPhone, coming soon for Android-based phones
•    Designed especially for use with BILSTEIN B16 Ridecontrol® kits


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