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Original Equipment Manufacturer

When it comes to driving enjoyment, the world´s most reowned automotive manufracturers place their confidence in just one name: BILSTEIN. The legendary driving characteristics demonstrated by such cars as... [more]

Gas Pressure Technology

Over time, the mono-tube gas pressure technology developed by BILSTEIN has established itself as a standard in automotive... [more]

Monotube Technology

The original and best: The original mono-tube gas pressure shock absorbers bore the BILSTEIN name, and we’re still responsible for producing the best there is. BILSTEIN’s mono-tube technology is the number-one choice in motorsports and series-production sports cars... [more]

Twintube Technology

The proven technology of a twin-tube absorber is applied in the vast majority of all vehicles. BILSTEIN‘s twin-tube absorbers, featuring “original equipment manufacturer” quality... [more]

Wedge-shaped suspensions

Wedge-shaped suspensions involve lowering of approx. 60 mm...[more]


Uniform lowering

With uniform lowering, the entire vehicle is lowered by approx. 30 mm... [more]

Threaded ride

The threaded ride height adjustable kit enables variable... [more]

BILSTEIN round threads

To ensure that you can fine-tune your vehicle exactly how you want it, our threaded ride height adjustable kits are easy to adjust... [more]


Our 3-layer coating system, developed especially with threaded ride height adjustable kits in mind, guarantees high-quality... [more]

Threated Body Adjustable Range

Just as no two vehicles are the same, each driver has their own unique style too. As a result, our threaded ride height adjustable kits even... [more]

PSS 9/10

9/10 settings for parallel damping... [more]

PSS 9/10

Option of making settings while kit is installed... [more]

BILSTEIN ridecontrol®

An exclusive system that enables settings... [more]

Road-Tested by BILSTEIN

To achieve that celebrated BILSTEIN driving experience, our BILSTEIN engineers rely... [more]


Some combinations are simply unbeatable. Take, for example, the "Genius on wheels" plus the "Green Hell"... [more]

BILSTEIN Racebox at the Nordschleife

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