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ACD System

The World's First Active Damping System Developed for the Motorhome Industry.

BILSTEIN'S ACD SYSTEM (Active Control Damping) automatically reacts to changing road input and coach motion to deliver optimum ride comfort and safe handling.

The ACD System was developed by Bilstein engineers in cooperation with both Ferrari and Jaguar. This is a true computer controlled active damping system that until now, was unavailable to the motorhome industry. This highly sophisticated system further illustrates Bilstein's world-wide leadership in gas pressure shock absorber and suspension technology. With the Bilstein ACD System you get the ride of a luxury coach and the handling of a European performance sedan.

Please see your nearest Monaco dealer for complete details.

The product benefits at a glance:

  • Computer controlled system instantly responds to road conditions and driving style.
  • Processes inputs from coach movement to control side to side as well as up and down motions - reacts in 30 milliseconds.
  • Automatically adjusts damping to compensate for acceleration and braking.
  • Dash mounted switch allows driver to select between active or firmer enhanced performance handling modes.
  • System includes front and rear electronically controlled shock absorbers, input sensors and computer control module.




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